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  • Evangelist Manuel Scott, Jr is the first Seminary-trained, full-time evangelist on a national scale coming out of the Black Baptist Church.

  • He has recently been appointed the "official" full-time evangelist of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc, Dr. Jerry Young, President. 


  • Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr has conducted well over 1100 revivals and crusades (averaging 53 revivals a year) wherein some 20,000 persons have come to the Lord.


    To watch Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr preach one of his most popular sermons," Be Careful Of The Traffic": Click Here



  • Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr has preached for 12 different denominations from AME, Baptist and Church Of God In Christ to Pentecostal, Presbyterian and United Methodist.



  • Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr was Senior Class President (Dorsey High, Los Angeles, CA, 1967) and Freshman Class President (Bishop College, Dallas, Texas, 1968).



  • Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr is a graduate of U.C.L.A. (BA 1971), received his Masters of Divinity Degree (1975) from Princeton Theological Seminary (Princeton, New Jersey), and was accepted into the PhD program at Claremont School of Theology (Claremont, CA).



  • Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr has written more than 115 printed contemporary lectures, including bestselling titles such as:

    "I'm Too Blessed To Be Stressed"
    "What The Bible Says About Worship and Praise"
    "What A Difference A Daddy Makes"
    "Sister, Jesus Has Your Back"
    "Preacher, Wait Your Turn"
    "How To Inspire And Organize Youth In The Urban Church"
    "What's Up?"
    "Developing An Evangelistic Mind Set".


  • Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr believes that the Gospel has the power to save, free, change, and heal anyone, regardless of race, creed, color or denomination!

A few newspaper articles about Evangelist Manuel Scott Jr:


Evangelist Scott Sets New Records In Spreading The Gospel
Los Angeles Sentinel, March 31, 2011


Youth Summit Held At Greater Fairview Baptist Church
Jackson Advocate, September 23-29, 2010


New Book About The Late Dr. Manuel Scott Sr. Debuts
Los Angeles Sentinel, July 8, 2010


Peoples Tabernacle Of Faith Baptist Church Holds Revival
Los Angeles Sentinel, May 10, 2010


Man Of God Talks Ministry And The World
Los Angeles Sentinel, January 15, 2009


You may contact Evangelist Scott in the following ways:


Manuel Scott Jr. Ministries
PO Box 8865, Los Angeles, CA 90008
Phone: (626) 290-6016

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