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1.   "If we do not have within us, that which is above us, we will soon yield to that which is                   around us." P.T. Forsyth



2.    "Nothing is more dangerous to the work of God than a leader who is outside the will of                God." Warren Wiersbe



3.    "Nothing will be saved until souls are saved." Fulton Sheen



4.   "Sin fascinates before it assassinates, it thrills before it kills." M.L. Scott, Sr. 



5.    "Character is destiny." Heraclitus


6.    "The tragedy of the Church today is that it is paying more attention to the lost coin than it             is to the lost sheep." M.L. Scott, Sr. 



7.    "No real evil totally lacks the glitter of the good." Dietrich Bonhoeffer 



8.    "We have allowed our scissors of reason to clip our wings of faith." J. Alfred Smith, Sr. 



9.     "Thought is a function of feeling reduced to slow motion." Howard Thurman 



10.     "Nothing should ever be considered a misfortune if it brings you closer to your goal."                   Soren Kierkegaard

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